Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Game Over? Can PlayStation users trust Sony with their personal data?

Fans of virtual world gaming face real-life concerns about the security of the personal data they provide when purchasing a title online. Such is the case for upwards of 100,000 Sony PlayStation users who recently learned that Sony’s user data system had been hacked ...yet again. 

No doubt Sony will do whatever is needed to fortify its data system, but whether it can regain consumer confidence remains to be seen. Indeed, the gaming giant's competency at protecting personal information is now open to question; the company must be quick, transparent and forthcoming as it navigates this very real pr crisis.

It’s easy for people to put their trust in slick social media and online entertainment, especially when big brand names are involved. But anytime a much-publicized privacy breach occurs consumers are reminded that there's risk to handing over personal information to any company. 
Brands that routinely collect and store customer data put themselves at substantial risk, too. Public trust is precious and conditional; any failure to protect customer privacy can have swift and far-reaching consequences.  

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