Friday, January 28, 2011

Q&A websites help experts exert more influence

Expertise is a powerful form of narrative marketing. Thanks to the web and expert/searchable Q&A based websites such as Quora, being a guru - or picking the brain of one - is fast and easy. (Click here to see Quora's video demo).

Of course today's guru needs social communications skills. I've had brilliant clients - scientists, attorneys, artists, engineers, etc. - who resist paring big ideas down to pithy web-friendly nuggets. Some equate brevity with dumbing down, when in truth  "social speak" makes their thought-leadership more efficient and influential. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Graphic publishing's grown up use of multimedia and social communities

Comic books aren’t just for kids. Nowadays graphic publishing has a much wider fan base driven by mature storylines, dynamic multimedia and active social communities.

A leader in the comic publishing space is, a cutting-edge entertainment digital content delivery system and community platform that creates an immersive social experience and marketplace around digital comics and associated entertainment properties.

 “Our community is looking for more than just an online digital comic store,” said stated CEO Micah Baldwin. “They know comics are not just colorful stories for children, but beautiful art, with deep story lines that are best experienced socially and interactively that extend beyond the page. Imagine being able to play video or listen to music within the comic — on your iPad! 2011 is the year we bring that into existence.”

The company currently has more than 150 publisher and creator relationships, including Marvel Comics, Archie Comics, Archaia Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Top Cow and BOOM! Studios, and it was the only company to release applications for the desktop with Windows 7 and Adobe Air; mobile with iPhone, iPad, Windows 7 Phone and Android; and the web as a featured partner with the Google Chrome Web Store.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Everyone loves a good laugh. So it's little surprise that some "plain-vanilla" marketers are enlisting stand-up comics to stage branded “social” comedy campaigns.   For example, P&G's Downy fabric softener and Macy’s hired comedian Mike Birbiglia to live and sleep in a store window for the next seven days - to promote “Clean Sheet Week” and Ultra Downy's claim that it helps keep bedding smelling fresh longer. The stunt borrows thematically from the brand's new advertising campaign.  Mashable reports that Birbiglia will stream a “Daily Video Confessional” via Facebook – and to keep his gig going he'll answer crowdsourced questions and elaborate on anecdotes from his book Sleepwalk with Me.

Last week HP launched a live comedy show on YouTube featuring comedian Rob Riggle and members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. That program was broadcast simultaneously on the brand’s Facebook page.

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