Monday, January 24, 2011


Everyone loves a good laugh. So it's little surprise that some "plain-vanilla" marketers are enlisting stand-up comics to stage branded “social” comedy campaigns.   For example, P&G's Downy fabric softener and Macy’s hired comedian Mike Birbiglia to live and sleep in a store window for the next seven days - to promote “Clean Sheet Week” and Ultra Downy's claim that it helps keep bedding smelling fresh longer. The stunt borrows thematically from the brand's new advertising campaign.  Mashable reports that Birbiglia will stream a “Daily Video Confessional” via Facebook – and to keep his gig going he'll answer crowdsourced questions and elaborate on anecdotes from his book Sleepwalk with Me.

Last week HP launched a live comedy show on YouTube featuring comedian Rob Riggle and members of the Upright Citizens Brigade. That program was broadcast simultaneously on the brand’s Facebook page.

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