Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5 Brand Story Essentials

Can you tell your brand story in under a minute? Of course you can (and indeed you should) with a pitch that's pithy, punchy and persuasive. Follow these steps to nail your message: 
1. Pain Relief: Zero in on the prickly sore spot your brand can relieve right now
2. Promise: In one sentence state your solution in "consumer speak" (no marketing jargon!)
3. Qualification:  In two bullet points or less, say why should we should believe you?
4. Relevance:  Put your pitch in context. What scenarios will your audience relate to? 
5. Dramatization:  Think carefully about your brand's voice. Are you friendly, funny or authoritative? Are you appealing to logic, fear or passion?  How might you tell your story visually, without words or sound? What sound bite or tagline will effectively brand your takeaway message? 
Madison Avenue used to churn out brilliant brand stories, like this classic commercial video for VW Beetle that sold frugality as mainstream chic. 

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