Monday, March 31, 2014

Instagram Hits 200 Million Users. But Will Any of Them Care About Your Brand?

Last week the social photo-sharing platform Instagram announced it had reached the 200 million monthly active users mark – doubling in size from just a year ago. Among those users are many well-known brands; reportedly 43% of the top 100 brands now post content on Instagram upwards of six times each week.
The highly viral nature of photo-sharing makes Instagram extremely appealing to marketers. Indeed, some brands see their content fly fast and wide on it, but in truth far more get little to no traction at all. Why not?  Consider that the core of Instagram’s estimated 75 million daily users is young – very young in fact. Half are females between the ages of 12-24, of which 20% are between 12-17. 
Is this group part of your target market? If yes, then certainly hitch your publicity wagon to Instagram’s success and give it a go. If not, your social marketing efforts are probably better spent elsewhere. 

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