Thursday, September 9, 2010

Savage County, MTV's new horror flick, offers transmedia experience

Just in time for Halloween … leave it to MTV to offer up another great transmedia project. Savage County is a grim slasher-style horror film with an interactive web-based game component that expands the narrative with rich character and story details, plus imbedded clues on the Savage County “trailhead”, Facebook, Twitter, and more. Also in the mix: a variety of sharing tools for fans, as well as an iPhone and iPad app – all under the direction of award-winning transmedia creator Nina BargielFor details be sure to read Liz Shannon Miller’s recent post on gigaom .

Savage County director and MTV new media producer David Harris said a significant portion of the marketing budget has gone into creating the transmedia experience, which began online a week ago. Savage County was initially developed as a web series. However, if MTV’s current  Eventful Demand campaign succeeds in amassing 100,000 fans the film will be televised in October. (As of this morning the project has signed up nearly 83,000 fans and several upcoming email blasts should hit the 100K mark). 

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