Monday, March 4, 2013


Product marketing requires lots of hard-sell. Make the pitch, nab the sale.  But the art of brand marketing takes finesse and visual storytelling is a great way to sell ever so softly.

The photo sharing site Pinterest makes it simple to curate a pictorial environment where visitors can stop by, soak up some imagery, and leave feeling excited to buy.

Whole Foods does a great job on Pinterest, capturing its culture and spirit in a seemingly hodgepodge of pictures that project love of food, home, family and table.  On closer look those images aren’t so random; rather, they are artfully organized in thematic sets (or pinboards) that get you dreaming about cooking, serving … not to mention planning your next grocery run.

Peruse the “Eat Your Veggies” board and click on a photo and you'll likely pop open a recipe – not from Whole Foods, but from a fellow foodie and WF Pinterest fan – of which there are now more than 100,000. Check out the “Great Gifts” pinboard and by clicking on any of the yummy treats you'll land conveniently on the product’s page inside Whole Foods website. There are nearly 50 boards to be meandered through - each loaded with visual interest and inspiration … and best of all, there's not an ad in sight. 

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