Saturday, August 14, 2010

PGA Formalizes 'Transmedia' Producer Credit

The Producers Guild of America’s formalization of “transmedia producer” credit is a milestone in that it recognizes the importance of those who adapt entertainment properties for multiple platforms.

“The Guild’s decision to expand the code of credits to recognize the transmedia producer underscores the changing media landscape and the critical role of the producer within the new creative medium,” said PGA president Marshall Herskovitz.

“As technology evolves, it’s no longer adequate to think of a project as simply a television show or a movie; we now understand that the audience will want to experience that content across several platforms - online, mobile, VOD, Blu-Ray, and now iPad - often with different or additional material. It’s the producer who oversees the complex and creative process that allows that to happen.”

The PGA defines a transmedia project or franchise as consisting of three or more fictional storylines that exists simultaneously on film, TV, broadband, print, disc, etc. A transmedia producer credit is intended for the person responsible for “a significant portion of a project’s long-term planning, development, production and/or maintenance of narrative continuity across multiple platforms.”

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